The Journey to my Son – Bodhi Satya

In October 2011 I will be moving into a new era within my own life. I will finally pass through a portal of womanhood, which is a blood rite which allows me to develop the inner ‘woman’ capacity. I will give birth to a child and his name is Bodhi Satya Houdry. This child’s journey parallel with mine is a long story, likely karmic for many centuries. While I have yet to meet him face to face in this life, his presence has been felt to me for many years and he was greatly expected.


Several years ago I traveled to India to Amritavarsham 50. I met with a close sister and we journeyed together to many holy lands, sites, ashrams, and temples. On one journey we made our way to Mount Arunachala. We found a reliable sadhu and asked to be escorted to the top of the mountain barefoot (as expected). The journey took several hours. By the time we reached the peaks we were exhausted. We sat down in the forest and saw some men working repopulating trees. After cooling down some my travel companion Mira asked the sadhu who was guiding us what they were doing. He explained that they were adding new trees to the landscape. So, Mira asked him and the workers if it would be possible that we ourselves might plant trees there on the peak. Of course they were tired from work and easily said yes. We were overjoyed and excited. How incredible to plant trees at the peaks of Mount Arunachala, the peaks of Shiva’s mountain. So, they offered us the opportunity to walk into the small field of baby trees, all small and beautiful and choose our own to plant. We took about 15 minutes for this task and we just magically allowed ourselves to be drawn to the trees which we felt most deeply. After time we collected our babies and brought them back to the workers. When the workers saw the trees they and the sadhu were talking quickly and loudly and confusing us about what the problem was. Mira asked the sadhu and he explained to us that these particular trees were highly special and that it was extremely significant that we had selected them. I myself had chosen the Bodhi tree and Mira had chosen the Neem tree. They explained that when women in India are seeking fertility they plant these trees together and pray to them. We were of course shocked, and quickly decided that we would accept their offer to make a ceremony for this purpose on Mount Arunachala. We found a small clear place, followed by the workers, their wives, and our sadhu. We made a small clearing, and then in the hot sun we made small holes with the help of the workers to plant the trees. We found some large stones in the shapes of a pyramid and placed one facing up to the sky for Shiva, and one facing down to the Earth for Shakti. We sat and said prayers and did a small ceremony there for the future of our lives, as mothers, and essentially wives of Shiva himself as we planted our seeds for fertilization upon his peak. This year in 2011 my travel companion Mira Newman gave birth to a magical being named Tulsi Magdalena Newman! She is a blessing to the Earth and has the kiss of Shiva on her forehead, this was surely Shiva’s blessing from the mountaintops.

This particular ceremony from my journey to India was never forgotten to me! It was an experience that I remembered constantly. I always wondered what might come of that prayer, and what seems to have come of it is my son, Bodhi Satya to be born this October 2011.

It was a long time coming for me to decide to move into this phase of life. I am 33 and in my past I have danced with many souls in union only to find that there was a lack in the strength of the union for such a feat. This child’s father and I however have a dharma together that was felt from the first moment we laid eyes upon each other nearly three years ago on a small island in the Caribbean. Yohann, Bodhi’s father is my love and partner in this journey and our connection is one of non superficiality. We are at peace with ourselves and we together planned this child for some time before his conception. We met in 2008 when I traveled to the Dominican Republic for one month with a private Yoga client. When I saw him across the street one afternoon I was deeply moved immediately and when I then met him eye to eye the connection was ten times as potent. Though we did not meet except for twice on that month long journey those two meetings were enough to form a friendship and for one year we emailed. The following year I was again invited for one month to join my private client as her teacher in her home in the Dominican Republic. Again I met this man, though this time I made it a point to invite him to a group dinner and despite our language barrier, he is a French man, we did share so much joy! After I returned home that second year I was more deeply affected by this man.

Yohann is a phenomenal being. He is a sensitive yet strong French man. He does have the usual style and charisma of a French man, but yet is grounded in himself and his Buddhist spiritual ideals, which keeps him on the right path even when called into darkness. His mother is a very beautiful Vietnamese woman with traditional ideals, and so Yohann’s Buddhist lifestyle comes from birth and is deeply rooted in who he is and how he lives his life. We have a deep and very real connection.

After some time of my returning home that second year Yohann and I got in touch by email once more and we decided that it was time to explore more fully what the connection between us was. He invited me to stay in his Bungalow and come back for ten days just for a vacation free of the confines of work, I agreed. It was during these ten days that he and I discussed the possibility of marriage and having a child. He told me many times that he was sure to be in love with me and that he wanted me to have a child with him. I said I would consider this.

I returned home in December 2010 a few weeks before the full moon lunar eclipse of December 21 Winter Solstice. On that day of the lunar eclipse December 21, I went with friends to ‘extract the soma (as instructed in David Frawley’s email)’ and we meditated and prayed together on the floor in my friend’s house in center city Philadelphia. It was deeply moving. When I returned home I was stricken down in pain upon my bed and with the deepest bodily cramping I received my most powerful menstruation of my life. I was in bed for two days and called out sick from work. This had never happened to me before.

A few weeks later in a hurry, and in love I returned to Yohann at his home in the Dominican Republic. Our son was conceived within one week of my arrival. Though, we did not sit to meditate at that moment, we were both completely aware of the actions that we were taking. We were completely focused on creation of this child and we knew that it was certainly what we both wanted entirely. It was the most beautiful connection of my life with this intention behind it. I stayed with Yohann for just about 4 months; we traveled, saw the island, and just simply connected in the joy of love without restrictions. It was within one month that I realized I was with child, and we were both absolutely overjoyed! When we saw the doctor he explained that the real conception does not begin with the fertilization of the egg, it begins on the first day of your last menstrual cycle, when I realized that was the eclipse the month prior I cried and knew that this was a powerful being that had come into me when invited.

During my stay I had the opportunity to take a boat out with Yohann and his family to closely interact with the mating Whales. We spent an entire day with them on the water, as they do congregate there to mate each year on this pre-historic holy land where my child was conceived. The enormity of the Whales completely astonished me! And I found myself the whole day chanting Om Mani Padme Hum, the mantra of Chenrezi, the Buddha of compassion. I had never before chanted this mantra, and somehow that day I knew deep inside I was pregnant. One week later a 87 year old woman from French Canada showed up at our door. She was a Yoga teacher for 30 years and had come to talk with me about the new age, the Arcturians, Plaideans, and Hathors. She gave me completely out of the blue a book on the star children, and we shared dinner at their temporary home several times. She did not know that I was pregnant consciously but she connected me at that time to the meditations of Mary Magdalene which we did together, the Kala Chackra, and the welcoming of the star child into this world. We shared many tears as I know that she and her husband who is a Caranial Sacral Master at 89 were divine gifts to me from my home which has always been known to me since early childhood is Sirius. The days that were shared with these masters paved the way for acceptance of this magical divine being and we all deeply knew that something special was happening! <3

We struggled at first to locate the name of our child, before us both knew for sure it was a boy, we went through many. I insisted it must be Sanskrit and he luckily did not mind. It was about three months into the trip that I journaled about the ceremony on Mount Arunachala and offered Yohann the story, and the name Bodhi. His lifetime religion through his mother is Buddhist, as they are half Vietnamese and half French. He is of course grateful to have the Sanskrit name be meaningful to us both, my Hindu bent non-religion and his Buddhist bent non-religion.

From Wikipedia –

Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि) is both a Pāli and Sanskrit word traditionally translated into English with the word “enlightenment”. In Buddhism it is the knowledge possessed by a Buddha into the nature of things (dharma). The word “Buddha” means “enlightened one.” Although its most common usage is in the context of Buddhism, bodhi is also present as a concept in other Indian philosophies and traditions.Bodhi is an abstract noun formed from the verbal root budh (to awake, become aware, notice, know or understand,) corresponding to the verbs bujjhati (Pāli) and bodhati or budhyate(Sanskrit).

Satya is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates into English as “truth” or “correct”. It is a term of power due to its purity and meaning and has become the emblem of many peaceful social movements, particularly those centered on social justice, environmentalism and vegetarianism. Sathya is also defined in Sanskrit as “sate hitam satyam” which translates to “The path to ultimate truth or Sat is sathya (i.e. the real truth)”. Hence all the deeds, words, and wisdom that take closer to the Ultimate Truth are the truth.

The Purana speaks of a continuous cycle of ages, each lasting approx. 58,000 years. Each of one of these cycles consists of four ages (this is similar to the Hopi and other Native American teachings of four worlds of evolution). The Purana teaches that each 58,000 year cycle starts with a Golden Age (Satya Yuga) and ends with a Dark Age (Kali Yuga), and at the very end of the Kali Yuga, a new cycle and a new mankind begins yet again. We are now coming to the end of the dark age of Kali and entering the new age of Satya. Satya Yuga is now upon us.

Maitreya Adhita Bodhisattva the friend of all Souls is Universal God’s Awakened One, Bringer of The Holy Satya Yuga, whom Universal God has ordained to end the Age of Spiritual Ignorance and bring forth The Age of Divine Pure Truth on earth. “Out of His Universal Love and Compassion, The Friend sacrificed Perfect Final Union with Universal God for the sake of all Souls for all time.

In prayer for the coming new age, I pray for all of these qualities to enter and permeate the life of my child, Bodhi Satya the Friend of all beings, may he be and be the servant of the highest in enlightenment and and instrument of divinity for his life. I vow as a mother and a friend to bring to this being the highest ideals possible and hope that he is the enlightened one in full manifestation. In my heart I have always known that he will be. May he embody the qualities of Amma, Jesus, Saint Germain, Buddha himself and evey known master. Blessings from me to this being this day and every day. Sat nam.


Sati Sophia Rose

Jai Ammachi! Jai Ma!



The Jewel in the Lotus – The Mantra of Compassion

This is the highest Mantra for mankind gifted to us by the thousand Buddhas out of their compassionfor all sentient beings.

human body or be born in a pure land of Buddha. and pass through the six Hell regions in the Bardos. and after death. who is also known as Kuan Yin Pu Sa. sufferings , ill health , hell regions,

Every time we say Om Mani Padme Hum ,

we invoke the Divine Powers of Avalokiteshvara ,

who has infinite compassion and who

out of his infinite compassion

made a noble pledge to Buddha Amitabh

that he will liberate all sentient beings

from the six realms of sufferings.

Each syllable in this six syllable Mantra liberates us

from one realm of suffering out of each of the six realms

of suffering filled existence.

OM liberates and purifies us from the emotions of

bliss and pride in the samsaric realm

of the Gods.

MA liberates and purifies us from the emotions of

jealousy and lust for entertainment in the samsaric realm

of Demi-Gods.

NI liberates and purifies us from the emotions of

passion and desire in the samsaric realm

of Humans.

PAD liberates and purifies us from the emotions of

stupidity and prejudice in the samsaric realm

of animals.

ME liberates and purifies us from the emotions of

poverty and possessiveness in the samsaric realm

of hungry ghosts.

of hell.

In this way by freeing our consciousness ,

our spirit energy from the neurotic attachments

that our senses are bonded with through

the cravings and aversions constantly

taking place inside of us …


purifies us at 3 levels –

from all our negative karmas. Mind, Speech and Body

Within a short time of meditating on this Mantra ,

you will experience the opening and development of your

heart chakra and begin to feel highly kind and compassionate

towards other sentient beings including animals ,

even the tiny helpless ones .

You will develop a magnetic aura around you that will draw

other people towards you , attracting them like a magnet

attracts iron filings and love wll begin to flow in your Life.

Saying this mantra for 21 minutes daily will energise and

develop your Heart Chakra and …..

when the Heart and Mind become united ,

anything is possible.

This Mantra is popularly known as

” The Jewel in the Lotus “


” The Diamond in the Lotus “

( “mani” means Diamond , a precious jewel

and Padma means Lotus flower which is the

spiritual symbol of consciousness )

The Jewel refers to the Mind or consciousness and

the Lotus refers to the Heart that is the source of Love energy

The meaning of OM MANI PADME HUM is

“Om , salutations to the Jewel of consciousness (the Mind)

which has reached the Heart’s lotus. “